Merry Christmas and happy new years day! 

 Happy Holidays and cheers to one and all!  Let's start the new year off with the toast. May all your hopes and dreams come true and may we all find happiness and peace! Merry Christmas and Happy new year from us to you! 

Tours End 

 I'd like to thank all the people that came out to support the band.  It was really humbling to see all the people that remember us .  We are in the studio now recording our next record .  I look forward to seeing you again next year .  Special thanks to the fans in the UK and Sweden.  Thanks to our Seattle fans  and of course our Portland friends who gave us such a warm welcome home. Thanks again !!

U.K tour 

 We're almost halfway thru the tour and the U.K. fans are some of the best in the world! The Nottingham show was the loudest so far but tonight in London might break records! I have nothing but thanks and gratitude for the promoters, sponsores and all the people that made this possible. And a special thanks to the fans without whom we would not be able to do this. Thanks a million! Here are some pics I snatched from fb. Credit goes to the various photographers and fans that made these awesome pictures! Thanks again

Dan Reed Network 2015 tour dates 

 Here are the 2015 Dan Reed network tour dates.  We're back on the road again starting in the UK with support act electric boys.  Should be a really fun tour & I'd love to see some of my Island peeps out there. All my Roatan people can come to any show & get in for free!  So if you're in the neighborhood send me an email or leave me a note on this website and I'll arrange your tickets.  I hope everyone had a fantastic summer and I hope to see you soon 🎶

Welcome Will on bass 

We'd like to welcome Will to the West End Players! Will is on loan from the Salva Vida band. (Thank you Carleen) We're moving into the slow season and there will be no more Beachers shows until late Nov. Also there will be no more Vintage Pearl acoustic shows as well.

The DRN Europe tour starts Oct. 19th in Manchester England. Look for the tour dates on the calendar page

Welcome Annelise 

We would like to welcome Annelise on bass. Annelise is an accomplished musician from Portland Oregon. Come down and dance & check her out!

Sunday Cat Cruise 

The sunday cruise on the Stray Cat Catamaran has turned out to be the best thing to do on a sunday afternoon! Cruising the beaches and rockin the kini's and I'm having a ton of fun!!! Anyone can join us but it fills up fast. Call Capt. Dave for reservations at 3385-7457

New Years Eve 2015 

New Years Eve party was epic!!! 600 people on the beach dancin' & rockin' in the new year. Fireworks and champagne 'til 3am. Thank you all you cool Roatan-ittes that made this so special! Special kudos to Arron & Christine. This was a great way to kick out the old and bring in the new! Thanks to all my friends!! 


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